With a strong track record of success leading clean energy endeavors, eFormative’s team provides a solid foundation of technical expertise, economic analysis and market insight with decades of experience conducting feasibility studies, RD&D and commercialization. Our thorough, accurate approach helps ensure public and private funds are spent wisely.

Heather Rhoads-Weaver | Founder and Principal Consultant
Experienced policy, market and development consultant with a solid reputation in the sustainable energy and public funding sectors. Strong skills in corporate social responsibility, grant writing and management, community-based renewables and distributed resources. Served as peer reviewer for U.S. Department of Energy wind program review and annual operating plans.  LinkedIn

David Dunaway | Project Associate David is a highly skilled project associate with a passion for using technology to drive project success. With years of experience in a variety of fields such as video production, automotive calibration, 3D printing, basic coding, and Office proficiency, David has developed a strong expertise in leveraging computer tools and software to optimize project workflows, analyze data, and streamline processes. Bio Link

Becki Meadows B.S.M.E. | Technical Consultant | BAM Engineering Consulting
In the wind industry since 2008, Becki’s experience includes small wind sales and site engineering. While at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, she completed national wind resource assessments, provided outreach for Wind Powering America and conducted levelized cost of energy (LCOE) modeling and business development. Prior to starting BAM Engineering Consulting, Becki provided predictive maintenance services for Romax Technology. LinkedIn

Britton Rife

Britton Rife | Policy and Development Consultant
As project manager for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council and Smart Buildings Center, Britton advocates for energy efficiency policies and programs and supports the national Building Operator Certification Program. She has promoted distributed energy resources through outreach with diverse stakeholder groups like the Distributed Wind Energy Association, Bergey Windpower Co., and the Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative. She has served on Solar Washington’s Board of Directors and is the current Washington Caucus Chair for the Northwest Energy Coalition. LinkedIn

C. Axel Stanovsky thumbnail

C. Axel Stanovsky | Project Associate | Professional Civil Engineer
A creative and compassionate engineer with construction, communication, and management training, Axel approaches each project as an opportunity for collaboration. He provides technical writing, analysis, and grant coordination, specializing in interdisciplinary project coordination and stakeholder communications. With a diverse background including structural design, intellectual property protection and experience working with tribal communities, he applies a broad approach to distributed energy implementation. LinkedIn

Jane Pulaski | Senior Communications Consultant
More than two decades of effectual clean energy communications strategies, Jane is adept at helping businesses understand what’s happening within their industry, offering energetic approaches to amplify messaging and increase visibility in traditional and digital media via blogs, newsletters, websites, social media and news releases, speeches/presentations, reports. LinkedIn

Kaiulani Osorio-Sawka | Assistant | Vashon Water Works
Providing strategic planning, business management, operations and administration, coordination, systems design, and graphics support for eFormative Options to develop documents, analysis and communications services, Kaiulani also manages Vashon Water Works and has more than 12 years of experience in wastewater/water operations management. LinkedIn

Marcella Guerriero | Assistant | President, EZ-QB, Inc.
Serving as eFormative’s QuickBooks expert and financial manager, Marcella maximizes efficiency with remote support; supports cash flow management and day to day operations. Skilled at untangling messes and problem solving, using Excel and other programs and experience with numerous non-profits, healthcare services, film production, real estate, restaurants and other industries. LinkedIn

Padma Kasthurirangan EE | Technical Consultant | Buffalo Renewables Inc.
An electrical engineer based in Western New York, Padma runs a small business specialized in providing customized turn-key distributed wind and solar PV based distributed power generation solutions. When she’s not working with an insanely adventurous team and an even more motivated customer base, Padma likes to hike, bike, kickbox and jump out of planes for fun!  LinkedIn

Roel Hammerschlag | Senior Analyst | Principal Hammerschlag LLC
Energy and climate policy analyst who specializes in in greenhouse gas management for large corporations and small governments. Develops and executes greenhouse gas inventories, science-based target setting, design of greenhouse gas reduction programs, lifecycle analyses of fuels and fuel supply chains, econometric analyses of energy choices, and interpretation of climate science for policymakers. LinkedIn

Tim Olsen | Senior Engineer | President, Advanced Energy Systems LLC
A Professional Engineer with 30+ years wind and solar energy project engineering and management, Tim is committed to ensuring everyone has a chance to make a positive contribution. As a wind and solar energy expert, Tim is also knowledgeable in hydropower, energy efficiency, engineering, project management and mediation.  LinkedIn